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Tree of Life Missionary Baptist Church, a ministry with old values; Faith and Family. 

Reverend Marcus Alexander Murchinson is one who exudes humility, integrity, and compassion; a preeminent intellectual. Reverend Murchinson’s intrinsic thirst for knowledge motivated him to pursue a rigorous course of study in Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary School. He then graduated from George Washington Preparatory High School in 2001 and continued his post-secondary education, earning his Baccalaureate of Arts degree, Sociology and African American studies in 2005. Reverend Murchinson has preached all over the country studying underneath a wealth of anointed Ministers and Pastors. In 2011, Reverend Murchinson founded The Family of Faith Church in Compton, CA. before being called to Minister at the Historical Tree of Life Missionary Baptist Church in 2014. 

Currently, the Pastor of the Tree of Life Missionary Baptist Church in Watts, California, Reverend Murchinson focuses on two key components: Faith and Family. A bible believing congregation that accepts and adheres to the Word of God, admonishing the world through the love of God; which mission is to empower the world around us through the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ; so that humanity may be free spiritually, financially and socially. 

Specifically, the Tree of Life Missionary Baptist Church operates under the following principles: 

  • Expressing love that is visible, tangible, and impacting the lives of those we touch 

  • Excellent, superior and a consistent quality of worship that is experienced by the congregation 

  • Excellent financial management 

  • Strategic thinking, planning and developing ministry to coincide with the needs of society, while maintaining the truth of our conviction 

  • Increased emphasis on Christian education 


For more information on Pastor Murchinson’s Vision of the Tree of Life Missionary Baptist Church Mission, Belief Statement, information on his preaching itinerary or to request his services, please call 1(323) 566-1202 or email us at

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